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SEYVAL BLANC 2013:  A floral nose with a hint of lemon grass.  A refreshing soft rich taste with a long full finish.  An outstanding example of an under recognized local hybrid. Bracing and refreshing!  (r/s 0.4%) $14.99

CHARDONNAY RESERVE 2014: Toasted nutty almond aroma together with a cascade of
enticing flavors highlighted by butterscotch.  Soft and sensual.  (r/s 0.5%)   $19.99

RESERVE RIESLING 2014:  Soft notes of pineapple and apricot.  Zesty lemon and apple flavors with a long flinty finish. A dry Riesling with just the right amountof brightness to enhance  your dining pleasure. (r/s .4%) $19.99

CHARDONNAY 2013: A mouthful of mineral and fleshy peach accents a lightly oaked background. A clean and lingering finish, this Chardonnay is a great value. (r/s 0.8%) $15.99

ITHACA WHITE: Melon and Apple flavors and aromas that delight the senses.  This blend of Cayuga White and Chardonnay is our best selling white wine which is enjoyed by everyone. (r/s 1.0%) $10.99

RIESLING 2013: A beautifully balanced example of this Finger Lakes Favorite. A delicate floral aroma together with melon and flinty flavors that linger in long persistent finish. (r/s 1.2%) $15.99

VIGNOLES 2013: A cascade of aromas featuring grapefruit, apricot, honey and vanilla lead to delectable flavors of the same.  A rare example of this “French” hybrid produced in a dryer style.  Six Mile Creek’s Signature Wine. (r/s 1.6%) $14.99  


ROSATTO 2013: (Rosé) Classic French styled Cab Franc Rose with a hint of cherry and cranberry aromas.  Refreshingly crisp with a long spicy finish.  Combines the dryness of a red with the fresh and lighter feel of a white.   (r/s 0.1%) $11.99 

ITHACA RED:  A preponderance of raspberry and strawberry jam defines the bouquet, followed by a spicy finish. This medium-bodied hybrid red wine is a best seller. (r/s 0.7%) $10.99

PINOT NOIR 2013: Not your typical domestic Pinot. This Old World styled wine presents a complex earthiness perfectly balanced by light cherry flavors and soft tannins.  (r/s 0.4%) $19.99

CABERNET FRANC 2014:  A subtle blend of dried fruits and spice with a light oak background and a hint of vanilla.  Earth tones and a soft tannic structure mark the finish. (r/s 0.6%) 21.99

QUINTESSENCE 2013: A Bordeaux aroma of plum, cherry and hints of earth tones.  A mouthful of black fruit flavor with an edge of spice.  A lovely finish that would be perfect to enhance a Beef Wellington with brown gravy and roasted potatoes.  (Our winemakers favorite!) (r/s .05%) $22.99


ITHACA BLUSH:  Beautiful light pink color. Floral aromas of honeysuckle and vanilla. Flavors of sweet cherry with a Gewurztraminer derived spice and complexity. (r/s 2.5 %) $10.99

ODYSSEY BLUSH:  Apple skins & soft cherry aromas precede a full mouth feel and a long, off-sweet finish. (r/s 4.2%) $9.99

PASA TIEMPO: Aromas of honey and flowers lead to hints of lemon and lime in this semi sweet wine. Refreshing and perfect for passing the time on a summer day. (r/s 5.0 %) $9.99

CANTARE:  A freshness of grapes meets the nose with this sweeter styled Niagara.   A subtle spice and honeydew  flavor mixed with stone fruits leads to a mid-pallet finish.  (r/s 5.0 %) $8.99

BELLISSIMO: Aromas of raspberry and sweet grape fill the glass.  Our sweetest wine remains balanced with refreshing acidity and a pleasant finish. Serve well chilled and enjoy the “beauty” of life! (r/s 6.4%) $8.99